classes 2-4 years

lot’s of fun for small people with big imaginations!

photo: Robert Mason

Schedule 2020

**Extra safety measures are in place at the moment. These include smaller class sizes, ventilating the space with fresh air throughout the class and having plenty of disinfectant to hand. We keep distance as much as possible, although it cannot always be 1.5m. We also wear masks when walking through the building to and from the class. If you have questions about this, please get in touch**

Block 3:
Wednesdays 10:00-11:00
2nd September – 16th December = 14 classes (no class on 23rd September and 14th October)
€140 regular price / €105 concessionary price or 2nd child in the same class

1 place left

Saturdays 10:00-11:00
29th August – 12th December = 14 classes (no class on 10th and 17th October)
€140 regular price /
€105 concessionary price or 2nd child in the same class

Saturdays 11:30-12:30
29th August – 12th December = 14 classes (no class on 10th and 17th October)
€140 regular price / €105 concessionary price or 2nd child in the same class


2021 Block 1:
Wednesdays 10:00-11:00
Saturdays 10:00-11:00
Saturdays 11:30-12:30

This block will begin in January 2021, exact dates coming soon!

We offer a price concession if you have a 2nd child in the same class, and for families with a very low income or children with special needs. Please contact us if you have a concessionary price request.


During a class we take your child on an imaginative and immersive journey around the space, which both they and you are very much a part of. Using a unique combination of dance, mime, songs, costumes and objects, we explore a different theme each week. Some themes are fantastical like ‘Underwater World’ or ‘Colours & Rainbows’. Others celebrate everyday activities which kids can relate to like ‘Clocks & Time’, ‘Going Shopping’ and ‘Bikes, Cars, Buses & Trains’.

We give attention to individual work and group activities. Children develop an awareness of their body and the space around them, and they also get to expand their English vocabulary. Each child is encouraged to feel welcome and included, without any pressure to do anything they’re not comfortable with.


These immersive activity classes are for parents and kids to enjoy doing together, a special time each week to focus on each other and having fun together! If you are unsure whether to sign-up, it may be possible to do first do a tryout class. For details see below.

How do I sign my child up?
Fill in this form and we’ll contact you for payment and to confirm your place. We need to have received your payment before the first class of each course, for your child to be guaranteed a place, as numbers are limited.

Can my child do a tryout class first?
Yes, if we have space in the class. A tryout class costs €10, just let us know when you want to attend. If you want to sign your child up after the tryout, it’s only possible if we have enough places. You then pay for the remaining classes in that block. However, we can’t guarantee your child a place in that block if the group is already full.

What happens if we have to miss a class?
If you cannot come to one of the classes you’ve paid for, it’s possible to do a make up class in the following block, but only once. If for some reason, you have to stop doing a course, we cannot refund your payment. You are welcome however, to send a friend in your child’s place for the rest of the block.

How often are the themes repeated?
Themes are normally repeated twice a year, except for the specials like Easter, Halloween and Christmas. 

What should my child wear to the class?
Nothing special, just clothes they can easily move in. It’s best if they have either barefeet or socks with non-slip soles.

What happens if my child is disruptive during a class?
We know that all kids can have their ‘off’ days or moments. If your child is very upset or their behaviour is causing a disruption to the class, we kindly ask you to go outside the room with them for a few minutes to let them calm down. We’ve found that in the majority of cases this works well, and they are able to join in the rest of the class without problems.

My child is under 2 years old, but I think they would love the classes. Can they attend?
The classes are aimed at kids from 2-4 years old (24-59 months). But since children’s development differs so much from child to child, it’s ok with us if you want to try the class when your child is slightly younger.

I also have a baby to look after, can I bring them to the class as well?
We understand that some families have a baby sibling who needs to come along with them, this isn’t usually a problem as long as you, the parent or carer, are still able to join in class with your older child.