info 5-7 years


Schedule 2022 / 2023

At the moment we don’t have classes scheduled for this group. Please use the sign up form below if you’d like us to let you know when the next course is planned.

12 Week Drama and Dance Course:

Lively and creative drama and dance classes for children aged five to seven years old. In this 12 week course we explore stories through movement, mime, music, games and props. Your child develops creative ways to express themselves, gain confidence, work with others and of course have fun!

We give attention to both individual work and group activities, and we encourage an awareness of the body and the space around us. We strive to allow every child to feel welcome and included, without any pressure to do anything they may not be ready to do. The classes are in English. We finish the course with a small presentation for parents and siblings in the last session.

It’s necessary to pay promptly if you want to guarantee your child a place on the course. We offer a price concession if you have a 2nd child in the same class, and for families with a very low income or children with special needs. Please contact us if you have a concessionary price request.

We are committed to being as inclusive as possible. Classes are LGBT+ family friendly and celebrate all nationalities, and all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. If your child is neurodivergent, please contact us so that we can help you decide if the classes are suitable for them. Unfortunately our studio is not currently accessible for wheelchair users, but together with other members of our building, we are working on finding a long term solution for this.

A minimum of 10 participants is required for the class to go ahead.